• ICN is a network of colleagues from across the sector and is here to support immigration compliance staff at Tier 4 Sponsor Institutions
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Welcome to the Immigration Compliance Network (ICN)

Note from the Chairs

Welcome to the ICN webpage to all our members. We are really pleased to be able to offer this ‘safe space’ here on our new webpages so that members can choose to share policies and processes that you have created to manage aspects of compliance in your institutions. We will also use it to post the agendas, minutes and any presentations from both national and regional meetings. We’re also open to any ideas about other ways in which to use this space to offer the best support to fellow compliance professionals, so do give us your feedback!

Claire O’Leary and Naheeda Kauser (ICN Co-Chairs)


Professional Tier 4 compliance staff in Education Providers are part of a young industry, and we are often working in small teams or alone to ensure that the requirements and duties placed upon Tier 4 Sponsors are being undertaken in line with the spirit of some 3000 pages of (often changing) assorted guidance and legislation. Tier 4 compliance can be a high pressured and stressful area to work in, and whilst extremely rewarding, it can be difficult to get around knotty updates without support!

We are a network of colleagues and peers from FE colleges, Private Providers and HEIs that was set up in 2014 to create a support network and forum to share good practice, interpretations and to contribute to lobbying efforts by UKCISA. It is run by a small committee of volunteers from the sector, and you can find more details on that here.