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What is ICN?

The Immigration Compliance Network (ICN) was established in 2014 to provide a safe and supportive forum within which colleagues can share their ideas and concerns about compliance with (primarily) the Student Visa sponsor requirements.

ICN’s terms of reference are as follows:

  • To provide a forum and a ‘safe space’ for peer-to-peer discussion, support and advice-sharing about the practicalities of managing immigration compliance within our diverse institutions
  • To share good practice about professional development within this emerging field of immigration compliance management
  • To strive to keep the spirit of UKCISA Code of Ethics at the heart of our compliance discussions, whilst ensuring we meet all our Student Visa sponsor and institutional obligations
  • To coordinate examples of operational and policy difficulties experienced by institutions and feed into appropriate lobbying efforts and/or to initiate lobbying as a network

We hold two national meetings a year and our regional groups meet on a regular basis. The network also schedules meetings centred around themes throughout the year known as “ICN Bitesize”. Please see our events page for what is coming up soon.

The network works on a foundation of trust and enables the sharing of good practice between institutions as well as offering less experienced colleagues the opportunity to build a network and benefit from the experience of others.

In November 2019 the ICN Constitution was approved by members of ICN who attended the National Meeting.